Second Battle of Amboy



American .
1st (New York) Brigade: .
1st New York
1st NY
2nd New York
2nd NY
New York Regiment
New York Artillery
NY Art.
2nd Brigade: .
Massachusetts Militia - 2nd Battalion
Mass. Mil.
4th Dragoons
4th Drg
British .
1st Brigade: .
17th Foot
23rd Foot
New York Loyal. Arty
NY Loy. Art
Mohawks (A/B)
Mohawks A/B
2nd Brigade: .
33rd Foot
British Grenadiers
Royal Irish Regiment
R. Irish
Mohawks (C/D)
Mohawks C/D

The Battle...


Wade-Smith recognises that speed is of the essence but at the same time also appreciates that he can well do without leaving a cohesive US force in his rear while chasing after the errant Frenchman. Accordingly he orders an all out attack to his front, while ordering the left flank to keep the Militia and Cavalry at bay.

The battlefield looking north, with the main British battle line to the right and the Americans to the left - Amboy is in the distance.
The battlefield looking north, with the main British battle line to the right and the Americans to the left - Amboy is in the distance. Click on the image for a bigger picture..

Leaving his artillery deployed, he orders the Grenadiers, and the 17th and 23rd Foot to attack forwards towards the US infantry. The Mohawks (A/B) he sends on an out flanking move to the right. He orders the other Mohawk war band (C/D) to join him, in the centre of the British line, as soon as they can.

Artillery opens fire on both sides, with the British causing first blood with a hit on the 1st New York Regiment

The US main force pulls back slightly, but the US cavalry is sent on an audacious flanking move round the eastern flank of the Royal Irish. The Irish - true to their type, dress ranks, pivot, and give them a devastating volley (1 SP lost) stopping them in their tracks.

The British attack..
The British attack.. Click on the image for a bigger picture..

14:10 - 14:20:

Following up on their volley of the previous turn, the Irish announce, and then complete, a charge on the US cavalry. The cavalry despite their obvious advantage are unable to hold their own, and the charge crushes home inflicting major damage (2 SP's lost), forcing the cavalry to rout off the battlefield.

Damage inflicted in the previous round on the 1st New York proves too much and morale crumbles (morale test fail) resulting in them routing towards the western edge of the table - they stop inches short of leaving the battlefield.

View from behind the main British battle line towards the Americans - frightening sight (to some!)

14:20 - 14:30:

The American artillery is making it's presence felt on the British attack, inflicting significant damage on the 17th Foot who have been detailed to attack the battery and the New York Regiment sheltering in its lee.

In the meanwhile, the Grenadiers move towards the 1st New York, and the 23rd move towards the retreating 2nd New York, supported by the Mohawks. The US regiments open fire as the British come in range stopping both the Grenadiers and the 23rd in their tracks (1 SP on each)!

Both sides are thoroughly shaken, and the regimental commanders desperately try to recover their regiments. The 2nd New York recovers and re-enters the fray...

Look at all those yellow ('Shaken') markers... both sides are feeling the strain!
Look at all those yellow ("Shaken") markers... both sides are feeling the strain! Click on the image for a bigger picture..

14:30 - 14:40:

Discipline will out, and the British stage a general recovery and advance. In their efforts to stop the inevitable closing to the bayonet, the US artillery misses, but the 23rd Foot are held in their tracks.

In the ensuing melee's - the Grenadiers attack the 1st New York, who stand, but ultimately rout in the face of the British regiments superior bayonet work. At the same time the 17th finally have their revenge on the US artillery, overrunning it and putting the crew to rout. The 2nd New York turns to charge the Mohawks who rout immediately.

14:40 - 14:50:

The 23rd Foot, having suffered many casualties, waver (fail their morale test) and rout from the engagement. The other British infantry gather themselves for the final push, and having routed their respective targets in the previous melee, launch themselves at the 2nd New York and the New York Regiment.

Both regiments however, are stopped in their tracks by the superior American musket fire (1 SP on each) - this is not enough to stop the New York Regiment wavering, before routing back from the carnage and off the field of battle.

14:50 - 15:00

The last American regiment faces the might of the remaining British forces, and in the final gasp of the hour is forced in rout from the battlefield by the British who remain in control of the battlefield.