Operation 'Sonnenbloom'

Sonnenbloom area of operations
NB. The map is from a truly excellent web source at http://www.geocities.com/firefly1002000/map-1.html
Well worth visiting..! I'm also hoping that that glowing endorsement will mean he doesn't mind me blagging one of his graphics to illustrate my web page!

My regular opponent and wargaming buddy Darrell (Garwood) and I have shared a goal for some considerable time to find the perfect set of WWII rules... (I know, I know...) Having finally agreed they don't exist (and we've tried most of them...) we each set out to write our own. I thought that a campaign might be the ideal opportunity to generate lots of little skirmishes to test them further, hence Operation "Sonnenbloom" - which is based on the actual historical campaign of that name...

My trusty wargaming opposition (Darrell Garwood) and I had a very enjoyable couple of months battling out the various skirmishes and battles in the campaign, which yours truly as the Germans won...but given the campaign parameters this was not unexpected. Have to say, of all the campaigns we've played DG definitely got the short end in this one!!

Campaign Background ...a brief synopsis of what the campaign was about, historical background, etc. etc. ..

Campaign Rules ...the basic campaign rules, how I set up Berthier, move rates, winning/losing, etc etc...

Campaign Maps ...the tactical and strategic (Berthier) maps for the campaign..

Orders of Battle ...the OOB's for the the opposing sides..

Campaign Diary ...what actually happened ..

After thoughts ...how did our campaign match up with what actually happened, what would I change the next time, etc. ..

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